Welcome to the Oceanside WikiEdit

The NationStates region of Oceanside, notable for its fun contests, close-knit community, and total freedom of speech.


A fun filled region of about 25 nations, Oceanside is ready to take the next step in regional growth: recruitment. Home of nations like Mezique, Super-Llamaland, OrigamiMaster, Grantica and Evil Grantica, i8pichu, Squiggles, and Addams Family, Oceanside is notable for its contests and freedom of speech. It currently follows the Oceanside Constitution, written last month.

Its delegate is Super-Llamaland, its founder is i8pichu, its head advisor is OrigamiMaster, and its second advisor is Evil Grantica.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GO POTATOES our other website, more for announcements. This is for Oceanside's historical needs!

Latest activityEdit

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