A list of all the passed laws in Oceanside

Constitutional LawsEdit

I. Right to Free Speech

No nation should be banned for intraregional political beliefs or real-life political beliefs.

II. Right to Protection It is the delegate's responsibility to alert nations of Oceanside on possible interregional safety risk. If the delegate is seen to be acting against the safety of Oceanside, he or she should be replaced immediately.

III. Right to RMB Safety

Trolling, spamming, and boring recruitment messages (unless A, they're our recruitment messages, or B, they're funny [i8pichu will be a judge of humor]) will be cracked down upon.

IV. Right to Free WA Activity Nations may endorse and vote as they wish. Nations may also voice opinion on whether or not a delegate should accept a WA proposal.

V. Right to Puppets We won't crack down upon puppets, as long as you say they're puppets. Nations should not be incorrectly called puppets.

VII. Right to Democracy Nations will vote on a new delegate every 120 days. The new delegate will always appoint appropriate directors.

Non-Constitutional ActsEdit

ACT I: Oceanside's Governmental System

Recognizing the need for organization within Oceanside's government,

HEREBY MANDATES THE FOLLOWING: 1.) The Delegate, elected every 120 days, shall be elected by a vote among all citizens. Puppets shall be excluded from this vote. The candidate with the most votes shall be elected to WA Delegate to lead our region,
2.) The Delegate must appoint a Council of Oceanside. He or she may replace any number of Council-members from the Council when he is elected. The Council must consist of three to eleven nations and have an odd number of members,
3.) The Delegate shall from now on NOT be allowed to be in the Council of Oceanside unless required to break a tie,
4.) Citizens may send proposals to all members of the Council of Oceanside to vote on, and proposals need a majority vote among the council to be open to public voting,
5.) If a member of the Council of Oceanside submits a vote to the Council, he or she must not vote on the law,
6.) In the event of a tie, the Delegate shall be called upon to break the tie,
7.) Approved proposals will go to the general public to vote on and need a 67% majority to go into effect.


The Oceanside Council,

Wishing to keep free speech while cracking down on spamming,

Hereby mandates the following:

1.) No recruitment for other regions, UNLESS in the situation where an allied region is being raided and needs our help, is allowed on the RMB or by telegram.
2.) Recruitment on the RMB will be suppressed and the recruiters ejected. Second-time violators will be banned from Oceanside.
3.) Recruitment by TG must be reported to the delegate along with a copy of the recruitment telegram. Any TG recruiter for a foreign region will be immediately banned.

Also Mandates the following:

1.) All nations reserve the right not to join Non-Oceanside related NS activities and can only be encouraged, not forced, to do so.
2.) All nations reserve the right not to join Non-NS related activities.
3.) All nations reserve the right not to give up personal information.
4.) All nations reserve the right to ignore telegrams asking them to participate in the first three.
5.) Infringement on these rights will result in a warning, ejection, impeachment, or banning, depending on the severity.

(passed by a three to one vote (75%) on 1-11-14)

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